NVY Enzy Pineapple Sparkling


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Order NVY Enzy Pineapple Sparkling from LiquorSplit now and have it to your building in 30 minutes or less! The delicious wine from NVY finds its origin in the Curic valley in Chile. The fruit is picked there by hand, after which the charmat method was used for the second fermentation under strict temperature and pressure controls. After fermentation, the remnant is quickly decanted and the sparkling wine is filtered and mixed with the fresh pulp. Light yellow color with soft green hues, natural pineapple pulp traces and smooth effervescence. Fresh tropical fruit aromas fill the glass, pineapple and citric fruits. Intense full mouth with rich pineapple flavors and a refreshing acidity balanced by a slight sweetness. Lingering flavors and fresh sensation at the end.

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