Frequently Asked Questions

Alcohol Delivery in 30 Minutes or Less

In which cities do you deliver?

Currently we deliver in Miami, but will be expanding to many more cities in 2021!

What are your hours?

LiquorSplit™ is open from Noon to 3 AM every day to service all your alcohol needs.

Do you deliver alcohol?

Yes, LiquorSplit™ delivers the alcohol products you buy on our site (liquor, beer, wine and more) direct to your door quicker than you could get to a liquor store.

Can I get delivery right away?

Everyone at LiquorSplit™ prides themselves on our speed to your door. We guarantee our drivers will be at your door in 30 minutes and many times in less than 15 minutes. Buying from LiquorSplit™ you’ll be enjoying your cocktails before you could even get to a liquor store.

Can I get an order shipped to me if I’m outside your delivery area?

LiquorSplit™ is currently in development in our Online overnight shipping store, so please check back with us.

Do you have wine, liquor and beer?

Yes, LiquorSplit™ offers an extensive menu of wine, liquor and beer, in addition to mixers, snacks, and other common convenience items. Since LiquorSplit™ is hyper local, we even highlight for you the local offerings in each of these categories.

Do you take returns?

At LiquorSplit™ we go above and beyond to ensure your product is of the highest quality.  We stress in our Return Policy on our site, DO NOT ACCEPT AN ORDER WITHOUT CHECKING IT. IF YOU ACCEPT AN ORDER WHEN DELIVERED, THEN THE ORDER IS DEEMED TO BE CORRECT.  Once a product is delivered and accepted, you may not exchange it or return it.  However, at LiquorSplit™ we go the extra mile for our customers, so if you order a product by accident, we will help you correct it and only charge you the greater of $20 or a 20% restocking fee to send it back with the driver before the driver leaves.  If a product arrives broken or out of date, the retailer will refund, return or adjust your order in the retailer’s sole discretion.  You’ll be able to contact LiquorSplit™ directly via calling our headquarters at 305-507-1887 or via the ‘Contact Us’ tab at the bottom of every page on our site.

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