Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch...

Eggs & Bakery is a place where breakfast, brunch, and casual food come together to create a laid back space for people to enjoy a cozy meal. Our team specializes in, you guessed it, eggs and baked goods. A variety of egg, pancake, waffle, and bread-based dishes are the core of our menu, but a vibrant blend of European and American recipes makes for a trip full of delicious surprises.

Casual, airy, and healthy, E&B is all about relaxing, about providing that perfect space to take a bit of “me time”. The name isn’t just for kicks. Eggs are the main ingredient, and a challenge to make them stand out in every dish served.

E&B is here to help you find a bright spot in your day, to soothe your worries if only for a moment, all with homemade style meals made with fresh ingredients and a love for all culinary things.

Our Chef, Bárbara Yusty

Our dedicated chef, Bárbara Yusty, is a American-Colombian beauty pageant queen with deep culinary talent running through her family line. Despite not originally considering cuisine as a career path, she started a modest Latin coffee and arepas shop with her husband, which turned out to be a surprising success.

Over time, Bárbara graduated as a chef from Miami’s prestigious Le Cordon Bleu institute and decided to embark on the gastronomic adventure of her life. As a result of her effort and her desire to be faithful to her roots, Eggs & Bakery was born.

We also do Catering

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900 S Miami Ave Suite 130,
Miami, FL 33130

Open 7 Days A Week
8am to 4pm

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